About our company

Elimutube is an online learning platform through a mobile application launched in 2020 to solve the education challenges in Tanzania. It aims at creating and providing an access to local, qualified and credible educational learning resources for the learners in Tanzania through their mobile phones anywhere and anytime. Elimutube uses the best, experienced, reputable, and most famous teachers in Tanzania with exceptional performances in the subjects they teach to create and provide the top quality educational learning resources for learners in Tanzania through online notes, high quality video tutorials, online timed exams, and online one on one quizzes.

Unlike other competitors, Elimutube acquires the following key competitive advantages which makes it the best EdTech in Tanzania compared to its competitors:

  • Working with the best and most famous experienced reputable teachers in Tanzania
  • Notes and HD video tutorials of all topics for both ordinary and advanced levels
  • Teachers are free to use both languages in video tutorials
  • Online timed exams
  • Online one on one quizzes
  • Teachers can conduct home and private teachings when needed
  • Direct interaction between students and teachers through the platform
  • Private academic institutions advertisements

Our target market is:

  • Parents with children at secondary schools
  • Teachers
  • Secondary schools’ students
  • Private candidates and QTs
  • Private Academic Institutions